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Dear Gamer,

If you are tired of grinding out quest after quest just to max your toon (where the real game begins) and would MUCH rather have a computer sit through hours of grinding for you, then what you’re about to discover is the “missing link” to completely automate all your quests from level 1-80!

Here’s the best part: AIO Bot – currently sold exclusively in china at the current rate of 500,000 subscribers per month – is finally being released in the United States!

And it’s 100% automated to save you painstaking weeks of leveling on your own! You can lvl up from 1-30 in hours, and from lvl 1-80 is less than a week.

Not to mention, AIO Bot is “macro based” (not code-based like every other bot on the market) which means it’s completely undetectable and there is ZERO chance of getting your account banned!

But Here’s Why AIO Bot Is The Best: WoW AIO Bot levels your character with 100% quest based automation. Unlike other bots that only kill MOBs over and over again to earn experience, AIO Bot grinds through quest-after-quest, which means…

Tons Of Loot, Gold, Honor and Quest Chains Completed
Without Having To Lift A Finger!

Just take a look at this jaw-dropping video of REAL AIO bot in-game footage:

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-The ONLY Automatic Questing from level 1-80! Do nothing and constantly gain experience, gold and items, only to cash it all in at AH when your AOI Bot maxes your toon in a mere matter of days!

-Easy Waypoint Setup
Set up wow bots grinding hunting instantly in any zone you want!  (Note – This also includes sell/repair and wotlk bot paths to boot)

-Auto Fishing Skill
Have AIO WoW Bot grind fishing in ANY body of water in game!

-Auto Gather Skill
Max out mining, herbalism, skinning, lockpicking and MORE, without lifting a finger. Just setup which ever wow bots you want and click start.
-Auto Farming Items WoW Bots mode

Farm any item in the game on autopilot!

-Pre Loaded Mail Items
A seamless way to have AIO Bot mail items to your alts.

-Auto Sell Feature
Pick what item rarity you want to cash in (grays, greens, blues, epics) and watch AIO Bot rake in the gold.

-Auto Buy Feature
AIO Bot will refill your food, ammo, etc so it can continue to play at top-notch levels for you.

-All Class Specs Work With AIO Bot
All combat sequences for every class come pre installed, saving you tons of time setting them up yourself!

-Alarm System Enhancement
Get over 20 different alerts sent to you at your command.

Set your character like you’d set your pet – passive, defensive and aggressive – to always be ready for PVP action!

-AIO English GUI
AIO Bot comes in Complete English GUI

-Stealth Background Operations
Use your computer for anything you’d like, while AIO Bot grinds your character behind the scenes!

-Total Vacation Mode
Need to step away?  No problem, pause the bot for up to 7 days just in case you’ll be AFK for too long!

-Super Detailed Character Logs
See what your character’s been up to step-by-step while AIO Bot is running, and keep track of where you’ve been (without having to GO there!)

-Plus MANY more features, too many to even list!

If you’re a serious Warcraft player (or even just a casual player who wants an edge) then this is the most important investment you can possibly make, especially at the insanely reasonable price of…

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…for 30 days of non-stop AIO automated leveling!  That’s a mere $1 per day investment to seamlessly get at LEAST one lvl 80 toon on your account, if not more.

And, I’m willing to bet you’ve spent at LEAST $30 on GOLD ALONE!  Why pay for just gold when AIO bot can farm all the gold you’ll EVER NEED…making your last gold purchase look like in-game pocket change.

Once you see how simple (and easy) it is to create an army of lvl 80 characters, you can decide on keeping it as a monthly subscription.  You’ll never want to grind an alt again, when you can have AOI WoW Bot max it for you!

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