Check out these HOT features for AIO Bot (All in One):

-Grind From Level 1-80 Automatically!
Your character automatically goes to every level appropriate zone – traveling by zeppelin, flight paths, elevator, boats, and even mounts – all over Azeroth, all on its own!

-Easy Waypoint Setup

Set up robotic hunting instantly in any zone you want!  (Note – This also includes sell/repair and retrieval paths to boot)

-Auto Fishing Skill
Have AIO Bot grind fishing in ANY body of water in game!

-Auto Gather Skill
Max out mining, herbalism, skinning, pick lock and MORE, without lifting a finger.

-Auto Farming Items mode
Farm any item in the game on autopilot!

-Pre Loaded Mail Items
A seamless way to have AIO Bot mail items to your alts.

-Auto Sell Feature
Pick what item rarity you want to cash in (grays, greens, blues, epics) and watch AIO Bot rake in the gold.

-Auto Buy Feature
AIO Bot will refill your food, ammo, etc so it can continue to play at top-notch levels for you.

-All Class Specs Work With AIO Bot
All combat sequences for every class come pre installed, saving you tons of time setting them up yourself!

-Alarm System Enhancement
Get over 20 different alerts sent to you at your command.

Set your character like you’d set your pet – passive, defensive and aggressive – to always be ready for PVP action!

-AIO English GUI
AIO Bot comes in Complete English GUI

-Stealth Background Operations
Use your computer for anything you’d like, while AIO Bot grinds your character behind the scenes!

-Total Vacation Mode
Need to step away?  No problem, pause the bot for up to 7 days just in case you’ll be AFK for too long!

-Super Detailed Character Logs
See what your character’s been up to step-by-step while AIO Bot is running, and keep track of where you’ve been (without having to GO there!)

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